Cuestionario ingles 3 lapso

04.07.2012 17:26

Adverbs of frequency ( 1 )

Part 1

Asually and often: se utilizan en preguntas 



A. How usuall do you go to School ?

I go to school everyday


B. How often do you play soccer ? 

I never play soccer


Part 2


Seldom: raramente

Never: nunca

Sometimes: a veses 

Always: siempre

Rarely: rara vez

Very often: muy a menudo

Not much: no mucho




A. She alwaysll sleep till 9:00 am ( all the time )

B. They rarely travel  to Europe ( not always )

C. We eat sandwich everyday ( always )


Habitual actions ( 2 )


A. On wednesday, I watch TV

B. On thursdays,I play video games

C. On friday, I go to the mall

D. This day, I am going to sleep


Patterns ( 3 )


#1 - Infinitives 

#2 - Gerunds




A. I like to match TV at nights, #1 infinitives

B. She likel skating on the ice, #2 gerunds

C. The likes to travel every yea, #1 infinitives

D. His going to study chemistry, #1 infinitives